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We aim to guide individuals learn handful technical & business skills rapidly.  You will find links and step-by-step instructions, videos, etc. for handful topics and we expect you to learn more on your own along the way which may help you build a strong & rewarding career.

Most of these ventures can be done remotely, from home or anywhere and does not require much investment. Ideally these are suitable are beginners with minimal experience, looking forward to take up remote jobs & such. We have prepared these content based on our experience and good will, we don’t guarantee that these ideas work for everyone.

Our articles are kept as simple as possible with a practical approach, helping individuals to gain specific skill set in the information technology area. We cover articles & tutorials on the following topics at this point (based on our expertise):

Note: We are in the process of publishing several articles & videos over the next few weeks, we request you bookmark our website and check for updates (You can sign up for our newsletter, if you prefer). Currently we don’t have any plans to cover Linux, programming / programming languages, etc. (other than the ones mentioned above). We do NOT provide any kind of support at this point and we request you to seek help through reliable sources.

IMPORTANT: WE DO NOT CHARGE ANYTHING TO VIEW OUR ARTICLES OR VIDEOS. We request you to consider purchasing our PDF guides & other items available for purchase in this website to support us (at your sole discretion).

We hope that you will find our website resourceful.

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Ziksate Team

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