Promote Websites & Online Stores

Every website owner appreciate quality traffic. While there are millions of websites, not all of them have adequate visibility. We have compiled a list of ideas, which may be used for promoting a website or an online store. Please take time to research thoroughly and then proceed.

Use online directories, submit your website URL to search engines, promote products and websites via social media networks and so on, to increase visibility and to build network.

Tip: Use industry specific directory listing for accuracy, for example you may create a listing in Tripadvisor if you are into travel/hotel industry. There are several industry specific directory sites which can be found through search engines, some may be limited to specific location.

B2B Channels & Supply Chain Management

Listing in B2B Channels & connecting with Supply Chain Management firms can help you get bulk leads, establishing connectivity with distributors/dealers can help in building long-term & wide sales network.

Deals, Coupons, Loyalty & Rewards

Offering discounts can help accelerate sales; offers may be created and promoted through popular deals & coupon websites that may have existing customers/traffic. If you have your own website/online store, you can create coupons and distribute them through various other websites to increase inbound traffic. Loyalty & Rewards program usually lead to recurring sales.

Affiliate Marketing

Performance based marketing techniques like affiliate marketing can help bring in customers or visitors to your website/online store. You may run a affiliate software on your own website or use 3rd party affiliate marketing websites.

Q & A Websites, Forums, Blogs

Q & A Websites

Answering to questions posted by visitors create reputation. Based on your expertise, you can help customers by answering questions posted by them.


There are several online forums spanning different topics. You can contact appropriate online forum owners to check if they can promote your offer.


You can use your blog to attract visitors; you can write interesting articles and publish them time-to-time (or hire someone to write articles for you). You can also advertise through other blogs by contacting the blog owners.

Press Release

Press releases (free and/or paid) help in gaining popularity.

Digital Advertisements

Using digital advertisements, you can reach out to thousands of customers in a very short time. You can use paid marketing plans available from various providers, which may help in generating traffic & leads. Using the right channel, correct type of ad, timing, etc. are critical for proper results. You may choose to promote through other websites, advertisement networks, mobile apps and so on.


  • Use Google Analytics or any other software which can provide real-time statistics, particularly for measuring performance when you run different kinds of online & offline campaigns.
  • Plan, measure before and after using any marketing method in general.
  • Optimize for SEO, before marketing.
  • Build quality backlinks as search engines like Google ranks your website based on the quality of other websites (“Backlink” refers to links present on other websites pointing to your website).
  • Some popular and trusted websites offer ad space, which you may explore depending on budget and expected outcomes.
  • Retargeting Ads (for example: Google remarketing) may be used.
  • Avoid bot traffic or similar as it will affect reputation.
  • Use webinars, podcasts, etc. to attract visitors (if applicable).
  • Focus on organic (natural) traffic than paid traffic as much possible (eventually).
  • Drive a blog, create new articles, update old articles time-to-time.
  • Explore using ad networks like Google AdMob, buysellads, dcash, inmobi, etc. to build traffic.
  • Use industry specific websites to promote content. For example you may use Project Gutenberg, slideshare, scribd, etc. to promote ebooks (useful if you into training industry) as those websites will have audience looking for ebooks.
  • Create dashing product launch pages to attract visitors; refer and select product landing pages from themeforest, instapage, colorlib, unbounce, etc.
  • Explore platforms upwork, freelancer, fiverr, etc. to find professionals who can help you in various areas.

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