Technical Support

Many customers buy new gadgets like Laptops, Mobile Phones, Wi-Fi Routers, etc. and they may need help in setting up their gadgets, transferring data from one devices, troubleshooting software/hardware/network related issues and so on. Some customers may prefer to “optimize” or “upgrade” their existing computers & devices and require technical advice. If you fancy technical expertise, you can offer basic services (to start with) over remote connections and then, offer advanced technical support services. Technical support can be offered over Chat, Voice, email or in-person.

Computer Tune-up

Computer Tune-ups refers to the activity of making a computer operate at optimal speed. Though all computers are designed to perform, computers slow down due to various reasons (mostly due to software issues and limited hardware issues).

Setup Email clients

While customers have the option to use email facilities over a web browser, some customers may prefer to use email applications like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Google Email app, etc. Email setups can be completed quickly as there are very minimal settings required to be configured for a successful setup.

Setup Wi-Fi Routers

Wi-Fi Routers (a.k.a. Home Routers, SOHO Routers, Resedential Gateway, Resedential Routers) are popularly used in homes, small & medium sized offices. As there are hundreds of models from different vendors, configuration varies from model-to-model (different models have different interfaces & options). You can earn by setting up Internet Connection, Wireless Connections, Parental Controls and so on.

Secure Wireless Networks

Wireless connections can be secured using WEP, WPA & WPA2 to prevent unauthorized access. Wireless security options are widely found in SOHO Routers, Wireless Access Points & Range Extenders. Though there are different interfaces (depending on models), you can setup wireless connection in any model as the settings are almost the same conceptually.

Migrate Data

Many customers require assistance when moving the data from one computer to another, particuarly when they purchase a new laptop and need to move all data from the old one. Typically this involves a complete data transfer including files created by them and settings for each application; some customers might save their passwords in their web browser and so on. This is a time-consuming task and customers will expect trust worthy staff to complete the task for them.

Software Installations

While most of the software is easy to install, there are several applications that have complex procedures. For example, a programmer (beginner) may not have the expertise to setup Java Development Kit, a customer may require help to install Microsoft Office Suite or a CRM. Depending on the procedure, software installations may be simple or complex. Some customers may not be aware of free & open source software and educating them, can help them save money.

Hardware Upgrades

Some computers may have the facility to upgrade CPU, RAM, SSD, NVMe, NIC, etc. and customers may seek technical advice. This creates an opportunity to a) you can provide technical advice over phone, chat or email and b) upgrade the hardware in-person. This requires a wide expertise as you will be dealing with several models across multiple vendors, and requires expertise to evaluate the right kind of hardware to avoid compatibility issues.

Troubleshoot Networks

Be it a wired or wireless connection, typical problems are related to speed and stable connectivity. You can troubleshoot simple wired & wireless connection related issues, particularly devices that are designed for home & small business use (Keep in mind all devices adhere to IEEE standards, only the interface is different).

Setup Peripherals

You can setup peripherals such as Printers, Web Cameras, Scanners, Wireless Network Cards, Bar code readers, Projectors, Computer Speakers, etc. without much difficulty. You can share certain peripherals (over wired or wireless network), so that everyone can access from a network.

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